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Dr Widgerow is Chief Medical Officer for Alastin Skincare Inc, Carlsbad CA. He is intimately involved in R&D and science related to new product development

 Flavonix cytoflamm gel in the new category of  'bioflammacides' is an                 anti-biofilm wound healing gel  with particular efficacy in chronic  wounds .       Currently only available in Africa
The Lavage Drain attaches to most traditional drains allowing washout of the    operative site with local anesthetic or therapeutic agents - ideal for post-          operative analgesia or anti-biotic, steroids etc washouts. Currently only  available in Africa.
   Professor Widgerow was the originator and CEO of AWCS from 2000 -2012, a          company providing specialized wound care services to patients with complex        wounds with branches situated throughout South Africa
A Cut Above The Rest
In his comprehensive book, Professor Widgerow gives prospective clients a no-nonsense account of every facet of cosmetic surgery. It is a holistic look at the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of both the decision to have surgery, as well as the process. It represents a great deal of experience, careful thinking and common sense, the last not commonly heard or read. Extensively positively reviewed in the press.
With this device, breast expansion is effectively accomplished using small increments of fluid instilled over a more constant interval, controlled by patient and physician.

Other products in development:
MATCH™ - Mechanically Assisted Tissue Contraction and Healing - Wound approximator and total shrinkage concept
CryoFinesse - Aesthetic applications for new cryo technology (SCANT - selective cryo-assisted neuromuscular targeting)
COMFIflow™ - Nasal cannulae designs with safety adaptations and unique skin application
Burnshield Advance - Tensile silicone sheet for burn scar management (South Africa)
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